Afjal Sajeda Foundation – ASF

In the starting of in May 2022 with heavy rains battering the area, rivers overflowing, and excess water sweeping through the region. Since 17th June, the situation has dramatically worsened and affected additional districts, increasing the magnitude and scale of damage. Around a quarter of the country is now flooded. afzal sajeda foundation has always worked for the people who are needy in much times and yes again it has already stood by the persons who had lost their home and also suffering from current Natural disasters .

but there where also some of the small places of Sylhet where the flood victims didn’t get a single drop of this reliefs pure water. Yes, then again afjal sajeda foundation had identified those places and also gave them the much needed support they wanted by that time. There was emergency medical supplies, food support, pure drinking water and also made those victims smile for a while. These people of jaggannatpur in sylhet were desperately waiting for the people to come and help them by giving some relief.

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